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Tailoring to individual business needs for maximum development opportunities.

cWatch Extra was created for the individual needs of businesses that want to maximize their intraoperative operations. We know that every company has different problems, which is why cWatch Extra is a response to the challenges arising in your business to support its development even more effectively.

The cWatch Extra package assumes the extension of the basic functionalities with the following possibilities:

Integration with the Work Time Records system - RCP, which synchronizes cWatch tools with existing gates measuring employee activity

SMS function, with the help of which the employee can send a predefined text message to the customer about the order ready for pickup or completion of the service.

SUPPORT PICK & PACK function, which helps streamline the preparation of an internet order for pickup by synchronizing with the system and printers.

A communication panel developed for the company's headquarters, which, thanks to the configuration with the tools of all branches / facilities subject to it, allows for instant messaging at the same time. Enables sharing a specially dedicated platform designed for online training.

Jestem akapitem. Kliknij tutaj, by dodać własny tekst albo mnie edytować. To proste.

The ability to implement a product scanner in the cWatch device, used to read data from the EAN code of products sold in the store.

The UP-SALE SUGGESTING function, created to facilitate and plan the daily delivery of goods on shelves, by installing intelligent systems in the shelves, which send notifications to employees with information about the need to top up a specific department.

Integration with other API systems.

TASK MANAGER function that allows you to manage the tasks of both individual teams and individual team members.

The ENABLE PRODUKTIVITY function, designed to increase the involvement of employees dealing with daily tasks and to build and maintain their motivation.

Function needed in your business, which we will design especially for you!